Turn the costs around – while keeping control of your software development.


Many companies and agile coaches don’t talk about the economic aspects of Agile and how much money there is to save. The focus is often on delivery time and team morale and so on. In this training, we take an economic view and show how it’s possible to turn the costs around using agile.


Using system thinking the goal of this course is to enlighten the participants in the actual costs and wastes occurring at many companies. After a shocking reveal, we explore an alternative way of developing services.

As a participant, you will clearly see each step of a development cycle and we will analyze and compare the outcome from an economic view. We dive deep into actual costs analysis and saving possibilities

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the true costs of traditional software development.
  • Investor and customer value realization


  • The training is based on an interactive approach where participants take an active role in analyzing and discussing the different costs of developing software.
  • Through two case studies combined with exercises, we get awareness about the significant difference in results depending on approach to software development.

Target participants 

Agile coaches, salesperson’s, product owners, Sponsors and people working with agile transformations

Workshop Details

Price: 7 500 SEK + VAT
Language: English
Time: 09:00-17:00


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