Play with Lego – Learn Scrum

Play with Lego – Learn Scrum

Are you interested to get to know or improve your understanding of Scrum? Do you like a playful approach to acquiring new insights and knowledge? Then, this Softhouse play-and-learn workshop is something for you!

Scum is one of most spread methodologies within the agile framework used in product development. In this workshop, we will go through the basics of scrum and apply them to the practical example using lego. We’ll be working in small teams and see how SCRUM ceremonies and roles can help teams to increase their productivity and client satisfaction.

We will leave some space for questions and discussions, which are more than welcome.

Target audience

Everyone who is interested in practicing agile and scrum is invited.  If you have just started learning about these topics or you are curious about how you would practically apply your knowledge this is a workshop for you.

Basic understanding of agile is a plus.  

Workshop Details

Price: Free of charge
Language: English
Time: 17:00-20:00