Adaptive management – designing an organization that delivers value


Organizations face more and more external pressure from rapidly changing markets and the problems they are expected to solve grow more and more complex. In this type of environment the manager’s role changes from managing people or products, to managing the organization they are working in. Organization’s need a clear strategy for how they are expected to win and the organization needs to be aligned with that strategy. It is not enough to just form high-performing teams and expect them to solve it. You need to create an organization around them that helps them to deliver value.

This course will give you a framework to think about what strategy your organization uses for winning and how to design your organization or the part your leading to align with the strategy and create value. We will go through five key principles for designing an adaptive organization; growth, learning, collaboration, creativity, and responsiveness.

During this course we will focus all material around 6 key questions most managers are faced with today:

  • How do we win in a highly complex and changing environment?
  • How do we organize to quicker respond to internal and external changes?
  • What does being a manager mean in a 21st-century organization?
  • How do we create and lead a collaborative organization?
  • How do we encourage learning and increase insights in our organization?
  • What should we focus on and improve?

You will get insights into what adaptive management is and get practical tools and methods for working with it in your organization.


A one-day course with a mix of theory, tools, and practical examples.

Who is this course for?

Line managers and senior managers that want to get new tools and theories for how to assess and develop the organization or department they are leading.

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Adaptive management + Creating a Collaborative Organization
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Venue: Stormgatan 14, 211 20 Malmö
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