Scaling Agile

A greater proportion of larger companies (more than 250 employees) are in one way or another looking for ways to utilize the organizations in more effective but mostly common efficient way. Some companies have already started and work in a scaled agile environment for some time, while others are thinking of adopting some of the benefits they have seen in small teams using lean and agile as development methodology. Even if this sounds like the industry has come a long way when it comes to applying lean and agile thoughts into the organizations, this is often not the case when you take a closer look at it.

This is why we see three different main ways of scaling;

  1. Real agile – this is what agile from the beginning actually was all about, taking full responsibility from idea to payment
  2. Scaling development pipelines – this is to scale different products or services that doesn’t have any dependences between the products or services
  3. Scaling structure frameworks – this is the scenario when there are lots of dependencies between products, services or smaller organizations

Then of course every organization can use a combination of these three ways when defining their scaling objective, the goal called scaled agile. When defining the way to get from the current state to the scaled agile, we call this journey scaling agile.

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