Make organisational change less scary

Why is organisational change so scary? Maybe because it so often is big, hairy and likely to hurt you when it jumps out and strikes from behind. Even when you expect it!

There is good reason to integrate change into people’s everyday work instead of adding it on top as… more work. Just talking about change, planning and explaining what change should look like, is not enough. Continuous change with sustainable results starts with making some actual change and showing it can be done. Simply put: build confidence through momentum!

In a complex and unpredictable reality you are taking a high risk if you try to make change by analysing, designing/deciding and then plan for the “big bang” roll out. We will present ChangeLab, an alternative and agile approach to change: set the direction, find the ambassadors and then experiment, learn and communicate in a continuous loop of feedback and insights. Where do we find the insights? From talking to the people that has to make and live the change. It’s called Thick Data and its the human cousin of Big Data.

Pris:  Gratis event
Språk: engelska
DATUM: 12 juni 2018
Tid: 08.30-10.00
Plats: Softhouse Consulting, Stormgatan 14, 211 20 Malmö 
Övrigt: Kaffe/te och fralla ingår


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