Did I just lose my job? – the line managers role in an agile organization

What does a line manager do in an agile organization? How can you help an organization that consists of cross-functional teams that are supposed to be able to handle everything themselves? What is left to do when teams prioritize, plan and execute everything themselves? There is no best practice for what a line manager should do. During this presentation we will talk about how leaders can best help their organization thrive, and what the impact is when they become too entangled in day-to-day operations and start micro-managing.

When managers moves away from firefighting and micro-managing then they can focus on increasing the organization’s capability to fulfil its goals and strategies by improving:

  • Responsiveness to internal and external changes.
  • Collaboration within the department and cross-organisationally to better deliver value.
  • Growth to be able to scale up and down when the requirements on the organization changes.
  • Learning so that people keep developing and taking in new knowledge.
  • Creativity to make sure we keep trying new things and solving problems in new ways.

During the presentation we will talk about:

  • How to identify your organization’s main strategy and in which direction you need to move to better align with it.
  • Simple design principles to find problems and setting goals for your improvements.
  • A continuous improvement framework that makes sure you evaluate your improvement efforts and reach longterm goals.
  • Creating slack to make sure you have time and resources to implement the changes.
  • How to initiate cross-organisational changes with other departments or units in a collaborative way

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