Effective meetings for distributed teams

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Our organizations get more and more global, and we spend more and more time in distributed meetings where some or all of the participants connect through a video-conferencing system. Bad connections and different time zones are just part of the problem. Not being able to see one another properly or having a shared whiteboard where we can think together makes it hard to have meetings that go beyond status updates. We have developed and experienced numerous methods during our work with multiple global organizations. During this seminar, I will share some of our best tips and methods for having good discussions and problem-solving sessions and make your distributed meetings more effective and fun.

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Marcus Degerman

Marcus is a coach and trainer at Softhouse with experience of change management, process development, and improving collaboration. His passion is to create productive collaboration within organisations and teams.

Marcus has trained people in conflict management and leadership since 2006 and has worked as a transition manager, process developer, project manager, scientist, facilitator and trainer within pharmaceutical, academia, and the software industry.


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