Don‘t start the agile journey if you don’t know why!

Om Ämnet


Are you in the middle or would like to start the agile journey? Agile is not only methods and tools it is also a mind-set, values and principles that makes it so powerful for the product and organisation. Magnus Siverbrant and Jonas Jaconelli, will during this session share their experience from running agile in different organisations. They will also inspire the journey of agile. They claim that waterfall development make NO SENSE when working with SW.

Om Föreläsaren

Magnus Siverbrant

Experiance: ~10 years in the Software Development area
Softhouse, Volvo IT, Sony Ericsson, Surikat, Pipe Chain
Skills: Agile Coach, Scrum Master,
ex Developer

Jonas Jaconelli

I am a coach that helps an organization to adapt to the Agile and Lean methodologies.
I do it as a teacher, a coach, mentor and together we work towards our goals. I share energy among colleagues and I am very committed to make work efficient and fun.

* Leadership
* Agile/Lean
* Coaching/Mentor/Facilitator/Education
* Team


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Price:  free event
Language: English
Date: Not available